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Posted in Accommodation @ Nov 30th 2015 4:06am - By Administrator



Surfers Tropique 38

With more than 25 tourist destinations to keep you on your feet throughout your holiday in Surfers Paradise, it will be no surprise if you get tired and drained in the place popularly known as the 6th Theme Park. So what more if it’s the whole Gold Coast that you’ll be roaming into, where there are more attractions to see, enjoy, and get thrilled about?

Such amazing time in the region truly does give aches in various parts of any tourist’s body. Sure, the Gold Coast is really a fun place to be, but still, it is only normal for bodies to get weary and will be in need of recuperation.

So it’s important that you choose an accommodation near Surfers Paradise that not just gorgeous and situated strategically, but also containing facilities that will keep you relaxed and comfortable. With that, you should pick Surfers Tropique.

With our wonderful location between Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, it won’t be a hassle for you to go from one tourist attraction to another. And if we’re talking about Surfers Paradise’s destinations, we’re talking heaps, and if Broadbeach, it means over a hundred restaurants, so you’re sure to get to save tons of time and effort with us.

And with our spa bath that’s combined with our swimming pool, and are both available for our all guests any time, you’re simply a few seconds away from getting yourself relieved of tension and stress once you get back to our resort.

Did you know that dipping your weary body in a spa is one of the many amazing ways to make yourself feel better? The word Spa came from the acronym of the Latin term “salus per aquam”, which in English means “health from water”, and this is so much true. Just try soaking your body in a spa and you’ll feel its wonderful effect to your body after just a few minutes.

What happens is that as your body warms up due to the heated water, your blood flow increases. And if you stay longer, your blood vessels widen which makes way for your blood pressure to go down, thus, it gives that relaxing feeling. With the amazing health benefits of a spa, now you know why you need a resort with it.

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